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ASSIST provides education institutions with the tools to manage all aspects of student information, curriculum management and learning management in a single Intelligent Education Management System.

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ASSIST Ecosystem

ASSIST powers education institutions with a system that can be delivered in numerous models while complementing existing curriculum programs. Find out how!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my data from my current system to ASSIST?

We want to make it easy for you to transfer current data to the new system. CSV, or tab files can be created with the help of ASSIST to make transferring your information seamless and comfortable.

Can I have a login portal from my school website?

ASSIST will work with your school to accommodate a log in from your website. A technical guide will be published to show you how to do this yourself.

Can I have student applications on my school website?

Enrolling students should be accommodating for the school and parent. ASSIST with use e-enrolling to eliminate cumbersome and expensive paper enrollment forms.

Is ASSIST customizable? Can I have my school’s logo on the transcripts?

ASSIST is completely customizable to your school.  You can upload your own logo and it will be used in your official transcripts.

Am I able to do mass upload of students, courses, and sections?

Large numbers of students can be batch uploaded with ASSIST. Files can be created independently or with the help of ASSIST to make large student or section uploads possible.

Is my data secure on ASSIST?

Yes, your data is projected in two modes: in transit via secure socket layer 7 (SSL) and at rest by database encryption.

How quickly can our school implement ASSIST?

ASSIST can be up and running within 24 hours.

What kind of support can I expect?

ASSIST will support your implementation of our product. From phone to email support, we are here to make your experience positive and comfortable.

Where is ASSIST hosted?

ASSIST is hosted on AWS.

How long will my data be stored?

Your data will be stored for the entire duration of your contract with ASSIST and up to one calendar year afterward.

Does ASSIST have a notification system? Can I get notifications to my phone?

You can choose to have notifications sent to you in multiple ways. Through your ASSIST profile you can select your choice of notification devices.

Can I access ASSIST on any device?

Yes, ASSIST can be accessed via your phone, tablet or computer.

Do parents have access to ASSIST?

Parents are a crucial part of our support team. Each parent will have a portal that links with their student(s). Parents can see assignments, calendar and teacher notifications via their portal. Parents can also update medical information and email their students teachers from their portal.

Do we have to pay for parent access?

Parents do not have to pay to access ASSIST.

As a district admin, do I have direct access to all of my schools?

District personnel will have direct access to all the information in all of their districts schools, making oversight and school accountability direct and convenient.

Can you turn off features that we do not need?

Your school or district can work with ASSIST to customize features on ASSIST.

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