Educational Models

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Flex Schools

With our online program, you can supply students with all the content you need to run a fully-accredited US high school from your existing location. Our content is completely digital and meets graduation requirements, thus enabling you to offer a general education diploma or a college preparatory program.

Blended Schools

Complement your face-to-face instruction with our online digital content and offer supplemental activities, assessments, and remediation. Our platform accommodates both environments at any level of blended learning.

Virtual Schools

Students can take single courses, full course loads, or their entire high school program through our online accredited school. Our academic partners can take advantage of this feature by offering additional programming to their own students.

Franchise Schools

Academic programs looking to expand or develop schools in multiple locations have an avenue to quickly implement their US academic program by partnering with Advantages School International, which is fully accredited for grades K-12.

School within a School

Established academic institutions and schools can offer more with added programs by Advantages School International. Embed CTE programs, Credit Recovery, Summer School, Foreign Languages or even expand into full grade levels outside of your own accreditation!

Full Grade Level in Schools

Let us expand your program into grade levels currently not available at your school. ASI is fully accredited K-12 and can help you grow your academic offer to attract more students and/or retain current ones.

Ministry of Education / District Level

Through ASSIST and our integrated content, ASI can support your organization’s reach. Seamlessly manage all schools, staff, students and any selected content from a single location. Plus, ASSIST is translated into multiple languages to further support our international clients!

Best Online Education Software

Online Software for Education Management

ASSIST Education understands the requirements of academic systems, curriculum programming, administrative processes, and everything else necessary to run a school. Our content is digital and offers an accredited high school diploma, college preparatory programming, as well as remediation/credit recovery and dual credit.

Our education management software is a valuable tool designed to streamline the administration of educational institutions and schools. It includes various types of features and modules to assist staff and teachers in keeping the academic history, student records and other vital information.

ASSIST Education’s project management software for education has been rated as one of the best education online software. We provide customized solutions and the best pricing for institutions. ASSIST Education makes it simple for students and instructors to report, record and organize information to fulfill the project goals.

The education models which ASSIST Education supports are flex schools, blended schools, franchise schools, virtual schools, etc. To find out more, click on each one of the models.

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