Deliverable Programs

US High School Diploma

We offer general education and college preparatory diploma tracks for students looking to enter the workforce or military, as well as those students looking to attend a 4-year institution after high school. Take advantage of self-paced study and 100% online programming. Students receive official transcripts and a diploma upon graduation.

English Language Learning (ELL)

We have full ELL support, offer placement testing and full grade level coursework for our English Language Learners. This special service is a great bonus to truly help ELLs on their path to success.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Our content is bundled into various CTE programs. Students who complete these content bundles receive CTE completion certificates and are better prepared to enter their chosen fields of work.

K-12 Content Expansion

Schools looking to expand their educational programming can take advantage of our online content. Content can be delivered to a single student, a section of students, or complete grade levels. Give students access to additional world languages, interest-driven electives, certificate programs and more!

Credit Recovery

Students needing to improve their GPA in preparation for graduation or college admission can remediate with our program. Transcripts are issued from ASI or can be rolled onto the originating school’s records for the school’s and/or student’s convenience. Students can enroll at any time of the year and work at their own pace to complete the program.

À la carte Learning

Whether they want to support their originating high school transcripts with courses not available at their location or acquire knowledge out of individual interest, students can complement their education through ASI’s supplemental courses.


Bundled courses for CTE certification in STEM or STEAM are available among other CTE programs. Certificates are awarded upon completion.

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