ASSIST Education Partners With Brazilian School Showing Significant First Year Student Gains

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Colégio Magister overhauls education management system to facilitate growth and provide an exceptional educational experience for students, faculty, and families

Reno, NV, December 18, 2018 – Change can be intimidating. In fact, many people avoid change because they are frightened by the potential risks and problems that may occur. But while it is scary, implementing change provides tremendous opportunities to improve and to rethink current procedures.

Change in an educational setting can be particularly challenging because schools and districts have a diverse group of “customers” – including students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Each of these groups has a different definition of success, and different needs to achieve that success. Many schools continue using outdated products and procedures because of the difficulty in implementing new systems to these varied groups.

Educational institutions that avoid change do so for the following reasons:

  1. Fear of failure – school administrators are worried that they will invest time and valuable budget money into a system or program that doesn’t improve their current workflows.
  2. Fear of success – with success comes increased expectations. Educational institutions have a large amount of pressure to impact student achievement and this increase in expectations can create an increase in scrutiny and visibility.
  3. Fear of criticism – as mentioned above, there are many different constituents in an educational ecosystem. The use of any new system or procedure will be different for teachers, students, and parents – which opens the opportunity for comparison and criticism of the new system.
  4. Fear of effort – implementing change in education is hard! It is important to have all constituents on-board and enthusiastic about this change or it can become a very long and arduous process.
  5. Fear of the unknown – “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Schools and districts know and understand the limitations of their current systems and processes. When they make a change, they open themselves up to potential problems that they didn’t previously have.

Colégio Magister – Willing to Take the First Step

Colégio Magister in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a private K-12 school that provides general education courses to all grades, as well as English Language Learning (ELL), and a United States high school diploma. Colégio Magister is committed to providing students with the tools and opportunities to be successful upon graduation, whether it be through enrollment in higher education, or the start of a new career.

This forward-thinking school offers differentiated learning opportunities for their students using a combination of in-class and online educational programs. However, with nearly 1000 students and 65 teachers and staff, Colégio Magister was quickly outgrowing their current systems and processes.

The school had been utilizing multiple systems to provide parent communications, manage educational content, implement assessments and administer their grading systems. With the addition of ASSIST, applications and processes were improved with:

  • Consistent platform management
  • Stronger and trackable communication channels
  • Comprehensive views of student accounts and student data
  • Improved  grading systems

In addition, educators and administrators of the school were working within management systems with limited access to online content which restricted their ability to provide individualized instruction. Administering assessments, providing blended learning options, and developing supplemental activities was a challenge with their previous sets of tools.

Colégio Magister was ready to move to an integrated system that simplified all aspects of school management. It was especially important that this new system would grow with their expanding needs so that they could eliminate additional training and implementation costs of new systems in the future.

Finding a Solution – ASSIST Education

Colégio Magister worked with a technology consultant to help them find a solution to solve their specific challenges. The consultant suggested they look to ASSIST Education – an integrated educational management system that met all of their needs including ease of school management, easier management of courses, better parent communication, and consistency in course management and delivery.

In addition, it was important for the school to have a comprehensive solution that empowered teachers to manage their classrooms and manipulate content and blended learning options based on their specific students’ needs. ASSIST Education not only met all of the Magister’s School’s needs it would allow them to grow – in student enrollment and student achievement.

With the implementation of ASSIST Education, the school now offers an ecosystem that provides

  • Learning Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Student Management
  • Content Hosting
  • Content Provisioning
  • Fully Accredited School

In addition, they added the comprehensive English Language content from ASSIST for all grades in their school, giving students a boost in their language learning.


Implementing ASSIST

From a business perspective, the implementation of the ASSIST program into the school was simple and pain-free. As ASSIST is a web-based platform, there were no costly system changes required.

To simplify the implementation further, the fact that ASSIST was deployed as an overall school ecosystem, meant that professional development on the system for all staff and teachers could be done together – in easy-to-use online and in-person trainings.

Finally, parents and students were provided with a presentation about the new system so that all potential users of the platform were able to hit the ground running when it was deployed within just a few weeks. 

The Academic Director at Colégio Magister states that, “Implementing the ASSIST Ecosystem has given us the opportunity to streamline our administrative processes – saving countless hours of teacher and staff time each week. In addition, we can now provide a superior content management and delivery system that gives teachers the ability to customize their classroom and improve our students’ experience.”


Since the implementation of the ASSIST platform, Colégio Magister has enjoyed multiple measurable improvements including:

  • 35% increase in student enrollment per grade
  • 45% improvement in overall English reading, writing and speaking skills through updated English Language curriculum
  • More efficient classroom management allowed for a 25% increase in available student/teacher 1:1 interaction
  • 100% satisfaction of school management in the migration from the previous pieced-together solution to ASSIST Integrated Management System

These school improvements have been facilitated by the fact that students can more accurately be placed in their appropriate level of study proficiency (regardless of grade level) based on the data that is available from the ASSIST platform. Students that need more time to complete coursework have it, while students who master content quickly are not held back.

In addition, the ASSIST platform has reduced the workload for teachers and facilitators by consolidating systems, giving them more time to work directly with students and assist those that need additional help.

An empowered school

The decision to change the entire management system in a school can be terrifying – based on the potential backlash, costs, and time to effectively implement the new system. However, Colégio Magister realized that, if they were to grow, and continue to prepare their students for a world after graduation, it was time to make a strategic change.

By implementing ASSIST, Colégio Magister has empowered their faculty to use innovative teaching and learning options so that they can teach in a way that works best for them. It encourages students to take ownership of their own learning, and it gives parents the opportunity to stay engaged in their child’s academics.

The ASSIST ecosystem strengthens the communication funnel – both in and out of school – and strengthens the leadership roles of the teachers and staff at Colégio Magister.

Michael Spencer, CEO of ASSIST agrees. “By combining the enthusiasm of the faculty, staff, and students with the robust ASSIST platform, Colégio Magister has created the perfect environment for school improvement and growth opportunities. The investment they have made in revamping their school’s technology and processes will continue to pay off as they realize that growth throughout the years to come.

For more information about how you can take advantage of the ASSIST Ecosystem to improve efficiencies and increase student achievement, contact: or call +1 866-984-3384

About ASSIST Education

ASSIST Education, has developed a cloud-based, educational ecosystem. Founded by a team of experienced education professionals, this fully integrated education management system combines all aspects of a student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system, simplifying school-wide management and allowing for schools to focus on student learning and outcomes.

Since 2013, ASSIST has streamlined education management for schools around the globe. The company’s mission is to share this cost-effective, comprehensive solution making a significant difference for education worldwide. # # # #

About Colégio Magister

Colégio Magister is a school which accommodates grades PK-12.  With nearly 1000 students, Colégio Magister offers the highest quality education to the students in Sao Paulo Brazil. Their comprehensive grade level programs offers, bilingual education in Portuguese and English incorporating a variety pedagogical and technological resources which drive instruction and achieve desired student outcomes.

To increase their school offerings with innovative programming, Colégio Magister partnered with ASSIST Education in 2018 to further position themselves as leaders in the education industry. As Colégio Magister reaches its 50th anniversary, they also celebrate their first graduates of the newly implemented Dual Diploma Program offered by ASSIST.####

Pam Dion
Pam Dion is one of the original founders of ASSIST. Her teaching background includes both the traditional face-to-face classroom setting and online formats. Her grade level instruction spans from the primary grades into post-secondary and even master’s level teacher-credentialing programs. She has vast experience in the design, development, and management of a fully accredited online school, as well as in the development and management of Title 1 after-school care programs for public schools. Pam holds a Master of Education from University of LaVerne and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Technology. She is certified as a Reading and Language Arts specialist, she has Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials and also holds a CLAD certificate which emphasizes teaching in multicultural environments.
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