ASSIST Education: Michael Spencer CEO/ Co-Founder, EDTECH “Leadership” Finalist 2018

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ASSIST Education CEO/Co-Founder, Michael Spencer, is a 2018 EDTECH Leadership Finalist for 2018.

Michael is CEO/Co-Founder of ASSIST Education, L.L.C. and Managing Partner at Global Expansion Strategies. He is the former Senior Director of International Business at K12 and prior Senior Vice President of The American Education Corporation.

An education and technology industry veteran, he is the former president and founder of One2OneMate, Vice President/Co-Founder of QuickPAD Technology Corporation, Vice President/Co-Founder of H45 Technology, and several other Silicon Valley startups, all of which have received multiple awards for innovation and product development.

His expertise spans from advocating for one-to-one, mobile and blended learning environments where tailored tools providing individualized education are key to student performance and achievement, to the international front where he has worked with European, Latin American, African and Asian governments and school systems to bring about 21st-century educational reforms.

Michael is fluent in Spanish, he has traveled extensively and enjoys the entrepreneurial side of business. He is a regular columnist for EdTech Digest where he writes the Smarter Schools column.

2018 – Finalists & Winners


Mariam Purcell
Mariam has worked as a classroom teacher and a high school counselor in the traditional classroom setting, besides having worked for over 10 years within online teaching environments. She has a Master of Science in Educational Counseling and possesses a Pupil Public Service Credential, Single Subject Credentials K-12 for Physical Education and Health Science, a Supplementary Credential 7-12 for Social Science, as well as a Teaching Credential issued in 2001.
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