ASSIST Education, LLC launches ASSIST TALK Think, Ask , Learn, Know………. a new artificial intelligence inquiry based application at GSV Summit.

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ASSIST Education, LLC launches ASSIST TALK, a new artificial intelligence inquiry based application at GSV Summit


RENO, NV, April 09, 2018 — ASSIST Education, LLC would like to announce the release of ASSIST TALK.  ASSIST TALK is an artificial intelligence based engine that automatically evaluates inquiries submitted by students in a deep learning environment.  The acronym represents the critical thinking and higher-level learning processes of

Think, Ask, Learn, Know.

The deep learning algorithm (i.e., question evaluation model) was invented and developed by Dr. Paul Kim and is being demonstrated using the ASSIST Education learning management platform at the upcoming GSV Summit on April 16th in San Diego, CA.

ASSIST Education has utilized Dr. Paul Kim’s invention to develop TALK which integrates automatic grading and gamification.  This is a framework for student activities in our in-class/online classrooms.

Dr. Paul Kim is the CTO at Stanford Graduate School of Education and is an academic advisor to ASSIST Education.  At the Summit, he will present how student learning is evaluated based on the quality of questions formulated by individual students. Evaluated results for each student are shown in the dynamic activity stream with scores based on teacher-defined grading rubrics.  This form of active learning promotes development of critical thinking skills in students by prompting them to pose higher level thinking Q&A in a gamification environment.

This student centric learning approach is drastically different from traditional assessments of student learning based on the test scores of standardized exams, typically designed to test more memory recall than critical thinking or creativity.

Dr. Kim believes that having students exchange their own questions that trigger higher-order thinking can help enable reciprocal learning among students and much more transparent real-time assessment. Additionally, he found that student-generated questions in series convey a lot more information about the learner’s capability than any other indicators such as test scores or a simple letter grade from a class. In order to evaluate and provide feedback on student generated questions, Dr. Kim is using a deep learning model built based on a large question dataset.

Education technology leveraging deep learning models will be one of the most profound disrupting technologies in education in the next 10 years,” says Dr. Kim.

Currently accessible through the ASSIST Education platform, ASSIST TALK is integrated into the platform with relevant content by the teacher.   Each students’ participation is shown on the dynamic activity stream with evaluated results and scores.   Automated grading is supported based on teacher-defined rubrics.   ASSIST TALK activities can be automatically incorporated into the digital content gradebooks in the ASSIST platform for online and blended learning classrooms.

ASSIST Education’s CEO, Michael E. Spencer, says “ASSIST Education is delighted to be working with Dr. Kim in bringing this disruptive innovation to life. We continuously strive to learn, develop and integrate the latest emerging technologies to improve the quality of online education for learners around the globe.”

If attending the ASU+GSV Summit, please be sure to attend Dr. Paul Kim’s presentation and see firsthand the ASSIST Talk feature debut.

Monday April 16th, 2018

Manchester Grand Hyatt, Coronado B

3:00 pm (limited seating)



The ASSIST Education platform is available now from ASSIST  Education, LLC in the USA and through education resellers in the USA and internationally. ASSIST works on any computer or device with Internet access. As ASSIST Education, LLC grows and expands its presence, the company welcomes establishing strategic partnerships with domestic and international resellers. Interested resellers can email ASSIST at

For information about ASSIST, educators can visit or call ASSIST Education at 866-984-3384.


ASSIST Education, LLC has developed a cloud-based, fully-integrated education management system. Founded by a team of experienced education professionals, ASSIST combines all aspects of a student data (SIS), student learning management (LMS) and curriculum management (CMS) system, simplifying school-wide management and allowing for schools to focus on student learning and outcomes.

Since 2013, ASSIST has streamlined education management for schools around the globe.  The company’s mission is to share this cost-effective, comprehensive solution making a significant difference for education worldwide.

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ASSIST provides education institutions with the tools to manage all aspects of student information, curriculum management and learning management in a single Integrated Education Management System.
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