ASSIST Education: EDTECH “Cool Tool” Finalist 2018, Student Information System

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ASSIST Education is honored to be a 2018 EDTECH finalist for Student Information System in the “Cool Tools” Category.

ASSIST is an integrated student management system. Our Student Information System is a main component in which we create a seamless educational solution for our users. The ability to hold student information, Graduation Tracks, online and off -line course information, communication features, transcript evaluation tools, and much more is one of the reasons ASSIST’s SIS stands out amongst the others. We are honored to be an SIS “Cool Tool” Finalist.

Mariam Purcell
Mariam has worked as a classroom teacher and a high school counselor in the traditional classroom setting, besides having worked for over 10 years within online teaching environments. She has a Master of Science in Educational Counseling and possesses a Pupil Public Service Credential, Single Subject Credentials K-12 for Physical Education and Health Science, a Supplementary Credential 7-12 for Social Science, as well as a Teaching Credential issued in 2001.
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