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“As an administrator with multiple campuses and students and teachers all around the country, ASSIST has enabled me to have quick access to our students and staff enrollment data. I am also able to search all communication to give me instant access to information.” –Administrator, Private Boarding School, USA

“I love being able to give our students partial credit for their coursework.” – James Wilson, Teacher, USA

“I love being able to personalize our courses and sections to meet the needs of our school. The system supports our rolling enrollment, which gives us the flexibility we need. My goal is for the students to be highly engaged in the learning process, and to remember meaningful work from exploring the courses as part of their journey as lifelong learners. ASSIST is a major contributor to meeting this goal.” – Angie Silverstein, Teacher, USA

“ASSIST is easy to use and the tools are very intuitive. Use of this system has really improved our school’s organization and increased our parental communication.” – Debora Vargas, Bilingual Coordinator, FLEX High School, Brazil

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Challenging Territory 
Navigating the B2B to B2C international solutions sales marketplace.
By Michael Spencer, ASSIST Co-founder & CEO
EdTechDigest, 2016

International Blend
Issues and challenges to consider when implementing blended learning internationally.
By Michael Spencer, ASSIST Co-founder & CEO
EdTechDigest, 2014

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