ASSIST Education is an Integrated Education Management System

ASSIST Education is a Integrated Education Management System designed to streamline your school data and student management process, relive cost pressure and integrate staff, students, and parents into one system. ASSIST uniquely offers an integrated accredited online school to assist with student course needs. ASSIST enables teachers to do what they do best… teach, and students to do what they do best….. learn.

As teachers, we have worked on multiple systems to manage student information and data. Creating a streamlined system that is user friendly was the goal at ASSIST Education.

ASSISTS Student management system offers convenience enrollment, scheduling, payment, communication, student, parent and teacher support all in a one stop shop. Access is easy and convenient and can fit the needs of a large scale district, small scale district or a digital school environment.

With our unique learning management system student can view their clear road maps to gradu-ation via our Individualized Learning Plan Tracks as well as view resources from teachers and

participate in self paced study. Teachers can utilize the embedded grade book features, re-source wall, and web pages to communicate with parents and students. Administration can seamlessly enroll students and manage school and student data.

ASSIST Education offers a creative Curriculum management component. Here your School can have single sign on as well as integrate any online content being uses. ASSIST is a responsive template so staff, students and parents can access their information from any device.

ASSIST Education also offers an unparalleled feature for its clients. ASSIST is partnered with a fully accredited online school, Advantages School International. Here students can choose form Career and Technical Courses to supplement their educational goals. Advantages School Inter-national offers ESL courses as well as full online diploma offerings. ASSIST Education also sup-ports the International learning community with International Dual Diploma Programs.

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